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Woweezonk editors Ginette, Chris and Patrick at TCAF 2012

Thanks to our fellow illustrator Fern Choonet for the photo capture! 

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Woweezonk totes in da house!~.~

Fresh outta Punch-Clock Studio (Thanks to Matt King!) this first run of Woweezonk totes, designed by Ginette Lapalme, will be available at TCAF (May5th-6th)! Soon after the festival, the totes will be available for purchase on our website too

most flattering photos of the woweezonk editors

Thanks to lala for developping these 



Spent some time this morning stenciling onto paper bags. Getting ready for the Brooklyn Comic Fest!


Dear Everyone, 

I’m here to both celebrate and give thanks because I have recently reached over 100 sales from my etsy shop! Yay! ♥♥’

I have spent a better part of my morning updating the shop with new items as well as chipping off $5 here and there on some older pieces so as to declutter the shop (see them in the clearance section).

I have many more items to add today but also wish to *reward* someone with a gift brooch of their own! All you must do is : reblog this post in its entirety and I will choose someone at random by the end of Tuesday the 15th and the winner will in turn get to choose what kind of brooch they would like. The winner can request a copy of something I’ve previously made or it can be a special request and I will construct it especially for YOU. 

I will also send the winner some extra surprises. ♥_♥


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Mini comic by Ginette

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Mana-Leak is a 24 page risographed zine of new drawings by Daniel Rocca, Rowan Tedge, Chris Kuzma, Morgan Criger, Ginette Lapalme and Patrick Kyle. 

Check it out and buy it in the store. 

I am also going to be at The NY Art Book Fair this weekend. If you like books and fairs and live in New York, please come check it out. 

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