redshelf by ginettesqulette on Flickr.

This was a Woweezonk project ~ when we parterned with Kraft for a weekend to doodle over all this furniture they had at a symposium. Very fun job!

Patrick Kyle, Chris Kuzma & Ginette Lapalme

Chris Kuzma in Ginette’s old apartment 


I recently sent away a bunch of sticker designs to be printed through Gatosaurio ~ and received them this past Friday and have been busy cutting out shapes since! (((obsessively)))

I finally took a break from cutting stickers today and instead took pictures of stickers and put many new designs up for sale in my shop! *phew* Over 16 new stickers are up ~ some are pretty BIG ~ a few sticker packs to boot and lots more to come… 

PS my zine/sticker album is currently on sale to celebrate all the new stickers !!! it’s now only $3 ~ . ~ up untill the end of this week (sale ends Monday) 


cool tats ~ Patrick’s Cerne Abbas Giant & Phil’s Casper

keith jones hot dog shop and okee dokee and lots of buds ~ chris kuzma, ryan dodgson, phil woollam, michael deforge


Highlighting titles from the Koyama Press backlist


Wowee Zonk is a collective of illustrators based out of Toronto, Canada, consisting of Chris Kuzma, Ginette Lapalme and Patrick Kyle. Collaborating since 2007, the trio have self-published a countless number of zines and comic books, created atmospheric installations and participated in numerous exhibitions throughout Toronto. Pobody’s Nurfect is the first catalogue and presentation of their fine artwork.

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Baby’s first 

from the archives ~ woweezonk making stuff ~ september 2011


I’m rooting for the dragon.


Only A Million

Based on this article by Gail Collins

Wowee Zonk contributor Andrei Georgescu 

Panels » Chicago Alternative Comics Expo, CAKE!


Take a look at CAKE’s programming line-up!

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