Juli Majer, one of the artists exhibiting in the Woweezonk Small Press Area at TCAF this year 

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We are so happy to announce that thanks to the very generous people at The Beguiling and TCAF we are curating a small press room yet again this year!!! ♥♥♥

We’ve a really sweet lineup for 2014, so please do stop by the Wowee Zonk Small Press Area @ the Toronto Reference Library on May 10th & 11th ☺.☺

Our area will include the following awesomeee list of artists/publishers: 

Chris Kuzma - www.chriskuzma.com
Patrick Kyle - www.patrickkyle.com
Ginette Lapalme - www.ginettelapalme.com
Closed Caption Comics - www.closedcaptioncomics.blogspot.ca
Mark Connery
Marc Bell - www.marcbelldept.blogspot.ca
Amy Lockhart - www.amylockhart.ca
Breakdown Press - www.breakdownpress.com
Keith Jones - www.keithcomics.tumblr.com
Ryan Dodgson - www.rjdodgson.tumblr.com
Phil Woollam - www.philwoollam.tumblr.com
Lauren Albert - www.plslala.com
Adam Buttrick - www.adambuttrick.com
Andy Burkholder - www.andyburkholder.blogspot.ca
Sab Meynert - www.sabmeynert.com
Eric Williams - www.ericdraws.com
Lale Westvind - www.lalewestvind.blogspot.ca
Michael Comeau - www.comeaumichael.blogspot.ca
Rosena Fung - www.rosenafung.com
Selena Wong - www.selenawong.com
Juli Majer - www.wimpi.tumblr.com
Space Face Books - www.spacefacebooks.com
Eunice Luk - www.euniceluk.com
Alabaster - www.illustriousalabaster.com
Ethan Rilly - www.popehats.ca
OCADU Student Table Crew

We can’t wait to see you there!!! 


Standup Comedy 



this was my contribution to the CAKE 2012 Book anthology 


Did this one for the New York Times Letters page yesterday. Thanks to AD Alexandra Zsigmond. 

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Patrick Kyle 

"Now You’ve Really Done It"

Made for Comics Workbook

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Old comic for Patrick Kyle’s “Mana Leak”.


Don’t Break the Oath, Drawings by Patrick Kyle

16 Pages, Orange Ink on Green Paper. 

Available at Comic Arts Brooklyn. 


CODA is my new book debuting at CAB this November.